Do Values Matter in International Relations?




Values in Foreign Policy

Investigating Ideals and Interests
Edited by Krishnan Srinivasan, James Mayall, and Sanjay Pulipaka
Publication Date: Mar 2019
Pages 272

What is it About?

The book project enlists diplomats and scholars from the West and Asia to examine the role of values in foreign policies of several important nations, from the USA to Japan. This is a largely unresearched topic so far; while much has been written and said about the value systems driving foreign policy in the West, the historical, religious and civilizational impulses of the formulation of foreign policy in the rest of the world has been neglected or overlooked. The project breaks new ground in exploring this landscape.

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Being a physicist and an academic, my opinion on foreign policy is rather inadequate for a serious discourse as my knowledge is only limited to the realm of the intelligent observer. Yet, when a distinguished foreign policy authority such as Krishnan Srinivasan asks me to subscribe to his website, I consider it a privilege. For

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