Do Values Matter in International Relations?




Values in Foreign Policy

Investigating Ideals and Interests
Edited by Krishnan Srinivasan, James Mayall, and Sanjay Pulipaka
Publication Date: Mar 2019
Pages 272

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What is it About?

The book project enlists diplomats and scholars from the West and Asia to examine the role of values in foreign policies of several important nations, from the USA to Japan. This is a largely unresearched topic so far; while much has been written and said about the value systems driving foreign policy in the West, the historical, religious and civilizational impulses of the formulation of foreign policy in the rest of the world has been neglected or overlooked. The project breaks new ground in exploring this landscape.

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Values, or their absence, in Foreign policy

What are values? They are principles or standards of behaviour by which good and bad, right and wrong, may be assessed. Inherited traditional values are a common feature among individuals, and common behaviour derives from a shared culture. Values of course can vary depending on generation, class, education, origin, tradition and modernity, and they provide

Values in Foreign Policy

Increasing geopolitical rivalries today assert that hard power matters more than anything else. Military capabilities, technological superiority and economic heft are the strongest instruments of international political influence. What then is the relevance of values in foreign policy? Should nation-states still uphold values or focus instead, on strengthening their capabilities to deal with their external

CICA – An attempt at a security structure for Asia

The idea of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) was conceived by President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan. He made this proposal in his maiden address at the UN General Assembly in October 1992. This was the time when world was undergoing major upheavals. With the collapse of Soviet Union many independent

CICA – A Unique Security Structure in Asia

In the fast changing world of 21st century, Asia occupies a unique place. Asia has been showing remarkable economic growth and is bringing new innovations, which were exclusive preserve of west during last few centuries. West has grudgingly accepted that this will be the Asian Century. With its rising military, economic and political clout, Asia

(Book Review) Values in Foreign Policy: Investigating Ideals and Interests

Edited by Krishnan Srinivasan, James Mayall, and Sanjay Pulipaka Publication Date: Mar 2019, Published by Rowman & Littlefield International This book constitutes a fundamental break-through in conventional political analyses, representing as it does, an exploration of the relationship between espoused national values and actual foreign policy interests and policies. It is highly ambitious because it

Can International Law build confidence among Asian States?

This article could address several issues. However, here, it demands, principally, a reiteration or otherwise of the place and function of International Law among nations, bilaterally, regionally and globally especially among Asian States. Its merit may lie, perhaps, in the value of International Law as practised on the one hand and its normative character on


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